Mobile light box

Visual mobile promotion starts here

All essentials for promoting anything on the spot in one bag, easy setup with no tools required. It’s all in the bag! Developed for mobility and durability when doing high impact presentations in different locations. 

  • Setup in 5 minutes
  • LED lighting is included for extra impact
  • Frames in sizes of up to 3m
  • Connect multiple frames for an even bigger impression

Professionals that travel from venue to venue doing presentations love our product. Ideal for trade shows, sales presentations, training sessions and pop-up promotions. 

Mobile Light Box

Make an impression on every event

Stand out with a backlit graphic that travels

Your signage needs to pop. Your logo needs to stand out. Your art needs to stop a passerby in their tracks. You need to WOW – with ease and portability.

Set it up and flip the switch

Travel much? Mobile Light Box has you covered. With a durable yet lightweight aluminum and ABS framework that slides and snaps together, customized and foldable SEG fabric graphics and brilliant LED lighting, Mobile Light Box transforms your display and dazzles your customers every time you flip the switch.

Shine more light on the case with Mobile Light Box

It’s sleekly portable in a heavy-duty, double-wheeled canvas bag that rolls easily over every surface. Set-up is a breeze – with no tools required – which means less stress for you and your team. And when you need to make an even bolder statement, you can connect several Mobile Light Boxes together to create bigger stands or structures.

order your accessories

In need of an extra banner
or accessorieS?

Expand your appearance, add some extra’s to your MLB-kit and give a boost to the attention of your public.

It's all in the bag

Packed with everything you need

Integrated LED lighting

The LED Power modules are inside the profile of the frame on top and bottom and can not be damaged during transport or handling due to its slick design

Durable flight case

The heavy duty polyester flight case is made out of recycled PET bottles and has double wheels. The hard foam inlay protects every part of the frame.

Evenly lit surface

The Power LED Modules provide an even lit surface no matter what size Mobile Light Box you choose

Connect frames together

With simple connectors several stand alone Mobile Light Boxes will turn in to a bigger stand.

An all in one solution

We print the backlit graphic to go with the box

We can offer you an A to Z delivery of your Mobile Light Box,
including the print and extended modules.

It's in the bag.

When we say it’s in the bag, we mean everything you need is in the bag. All essentials are included to have your big impression up in minutes, ready to go when you’re done.

No tools required.

Mobile Light Box literally slides and snaps together in minutes using no tools. We’ve actually timed setting up the 200cm by 100cm: 4m46s on a new client’s second attempt. So no false promises, just an easy setup.

Lightweight and portable

Keeping mobility and durability in mind, we selected the best parts for the job. Aluminum frames. Foldable SEG fabric graphics. Heavy-duty canvas bags with handle and wheels for easy transport.

See the mobile lightbox in action

Have a look at our booth in 360 views! André America will show you around.

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Setup in less than 5 minutes

Say goodbye to the average rollup banner, here’s the next step in mobile promotion. Check out this product demonstration to explore the ease of use  and get inspired by it’s modules and expandability.

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Looking for that top-notch
mobile promotional solution?

We make sure you make the right impression,
  lighting up your Mobile Light Box.